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Most Epic Beyond all measure! It's been a while since I've seen the legend that is 'Children of Bodom', live. But what a reminder! Every song was rip-roaringly good with precision shredding and driving melodies. Also, considering Bodom's recent change of heart in posting lyrics of there songs in the album booklet, it was nice to sing along with the new songs that they played.
I can't remember much about the setlist, just that it was a decent mix of favs, new tracks and oldies (aka Children of Bodom FTW).
After the fiasco of a concert in London (got drunk, passed out, PA died Gig ended early) it was awesome to see them live on home soil and hear the EPIC that is Hate Crew Deathroll in it's full entirity including the 'knockout live breakdown'.

Oh and as a side note : machinae supremecy were a decent group, hope to hear from them again! Amon Amarth, awesomly fun revisitation after Defenders of the Faith (YEARS AGO!), and Ensiferum...OMG Ensiferum! Petri Lindroos in all his screeching goodness! 7 years I've waited to hear that man sing Into Battle live! I know, bit slow on the uptake right?
All in all awesome concert and I hope to god it's not this long to see them live again!

hello im a newby

hit my with anything at hand...but do u ever post here often...?
 Товарищи, знакомимся, добавляемся в друзья, читаем, комментируем. 
I'm Adriana
 I live in Mexico City and, just yesterday and 14th of this month, COB was  giving a concert 
I unfortunetly can't go because my age u_u, but my brother  go, and I want to share a few videos about the concert:
To the channel  in Youtube
My 5 favorites bands are:

Children of Bodom
System Of a Down
Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Well not all are of metal but all rocks !

My favorites songs of COB are:
1.-Bed Of razors
3.-Living Dead Beat
4.-Are YouDead Yet?
5.-In your face
And a lot more but too many for post xD
Hope you like the videos! And sorry if you dont get something about the post, my english still sucking
Metal Rules!

Bodom @ Pomona, CA

Hi, I know I'm quite early on this topic, but I'm going to Los Angeles in October and now that the CoB guys have published the upcoming North America gig dates I was happy to see there was a gig in San Francisco and Pomona - during the time I'm there!

Anyways, I meant to ask if there was anyone here who's planning to go to the Pomona gig? I'm going to the States alone so it'd be great to have a buddy to join me for the concert. :)

Also, how early should I get a ticket for that thing; do they get sold out as easily as they do here in Finland? (Honestly, it's a day and they're gone whenever they play in their home country...)

just wondering

How many peeps have heard of Laiho latest injury?

Trust Laiho to be someone to get the worst injury from something silly=P

But i have to say the guy has guts and determination
I dont think i've ever heard of anyone playing concerts with a broken shoulder, fuck good on him for going that long and soldioring on regardless

guy is an inspiration to every musician

Good on him

get well soon Laiho hahaxD

Brummie Alert

Hey fellow Cob fans.
New member to LJ and this group, kinda finding my footing at the mo.
Nice to meet everyone I'm Dani. As title says I'm from Birmingham, Uk that is. 17 yrs old and curruntly awaiting my first Bodom headliner gig in Feb.
Can't wait, especially after the taster at the Slipknot gig:)
But yeah hi to everyone on here, hopoe to speak to you soon. Drop a hello or something I don't mind.
Be nice talking to you!


Hey dudes!
My name is Annika and I'm from Germany. COB is my all time favorite band, that's why I joined this community.
It's kinda hard for me to list only five favorite bands 'cause the order changes 24/7 (except COB^^), but I'll try.
1. COB
2. FabrikC
3. Slipknot
4. Nine Inch Nails
5. Samsas Traum
I listen to almost all kinds of Metal, Industrial, Hard Rock and Gothic.
All songs of COB are awesome, but I'd choose "Towards Dead End", "Deadnight Warrior", "Tie My Rope" & "Needled 24/7".

Another one joins the Hate Crew....

Hey, fellas.
This is Irene from Italy, I'm 18 years old and obsessed with Children Of Bodom. So obsessed that I couldn't help myself and had to join this community the moment I found it. I listen to many bands and love them all, so I can't really do a list....but if I have to choose, than it would be:
1. Children Of Bodom
2. Led Zeppelin
3. Motley Crue
4. Iron Maiden
5. Megadeth
I'll just spit out the other names: Domine, AC/DC, HIM, 69 Eyes, Judas Priest, Nightwish, Motorhead, Metallica, Black Label Society. I'm sure I forgot someone, but I think you got my point!
My favourite COB song is Hate Crew Deathroll.
Stay metal!

Another Noob.

Just re-joined LJ today so I figured I may as well begin looking for a group. Seeing as how I love CoB this seemed the perfect group.

Anyways about myself. I'm Richard, 17, from the UK, currently in the US. I obviously am a fan of CoB but here's my top 5.

Arch Enemy
Children of Bodom

I'm not a fan of just one type of metal, I tend to listen ot a variety including thrash, power, and gothic, and other things of the sort.
Anyhow this will conclude my "hey yeah I'm new" entry, so sup?

And for anyone who has one, here's my Last.fm